Most Likely Candidates For Trump’s Cabinet

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If elected president, Donald Trump will have the opportunity to nominate up to 15 cabinet members, each advising him on executive departments. Here are the most rumored choices for Trump’s inner circle.


Jeff Sessions

An early backer of Trump, the Alabama senator and former attorney has the ideal mix of leadership and legal know-how to dismantle the EPA

Eric Trump

Heading up the Treasury Department is the perfect position for someone with Eric’s ample experience in both having and spending money

Rudy Giuliani

Sure as hell better hope he’s got a reason to be doing any of this

Ben Carson

Would make history as the first secretary of housing and urban development to have personally separated twins conjoined at the head


Ted Cruz

Likely to get an attorney general nod so long as he remains calm while balancing the offer sheet on his nose


Newt Gingrich

Eh, why the hell not?

Mike Pence

The Indiana governor has a great outside shot of serving as Trump’s vice president