Most Notable Google Ventures

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Ten years ago this week, Google Street View launched, offering panoramic views of locations all over the world. As the tech giant continues to debut new projects, The Onion highlights some of Google’s most ambitious ventures to date:

Image Search

This service finally launched in 2001 after years of Google being overrun with people searching for “webpage with pictures of ham” on a daily basis

Google Plus

Google’s foray into social networking ultimately failed to compete with other sites due to its complete lack of autoplaying videos you can’t get rid of


Google Home

With this product, the San Francisco brain trust dared to ask: What if a giant company not only had access to all your personal data, but also knew what you were doing in your house at all times?


Google Tupperware

Despite a clean design and user-friendly snap-top technology, Google’s food storage platform was never able to overcome competition from Rubbermaid and Stor-All Solutions



Innovators at Google were struck with the inspiration for a video-sharing platform when they visited one day in 2006


Google Alerts

The notification service was created to address the ongoing social issue of not knowing within seconds that Bruce Springsteen announced a second leg of his North American tour


Google TV

Look, it just stands to reason that there is something called Google TV

Google Glass

Though it ultimately failed, Google Glass was an important step toward establishing the evil cyber-villain archetype commonly used today


This widely used tool has completely revolutionized the way people get information and articles about Cher


Street View

In 2007, Google embarked on the ambitious project of photographing every ex-girlfriend’s house on earth


Robot Who Looks And Acts Exactly Like You

This product is still in development, but is sure to make waves when it hits the market