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Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

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  • Skull And Bones: Allegedly, this elite secret society within Yale University somehow holds even more power and influence than the rest of the white males attending Yale University.
  • Pearl Harbor: The idea that FDR ignored warnings of an attack on Pearl Harbor in order to pull the U.S. into World War II is unusual among conspiracies in that it totally makes sense when you think about it.
  • The Illuminati: Many conspiracy theorists harbor the delusional belief that a shadowy cabal called the Illuminati control the world, even though it’s painfully obvious that the Bilderberg Group is really calling the shots.
  • Faked Moon Landing: Millions of people would sooner believe that the moon landing was faked on an elaborate soundstage than assume we actually once came together as a nation to accomplish a historic feat of scientific discovery.
  • UFOs: Paranoiacs looking for signs of alien activity just sort of exude a kitschy, Americana charm at this point.

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