Most Popular Young Adult Fiction Books

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The “YA novel” has become an increasingly respected literary genre, entertaining teens and adults alike. The Onion walks you through some of the bestselling and most beloved young adult titles:

The Chronicles Of Narnia

These theologically tinged C.S. Lewis novels have introduced generation after generation of young people to the concept of a forced metaphor

The Hunger Games

The perfect series for anyone who loved the Harry Potter books but wished there were more scenes where children died violently


A Wrinkle In Time

A 1963 fantasy novel that has gained recent popularity among people who like to point out that they read the book before the movie came out


Bertie Cloudweather And The Impossible Journey

It’s safe to blindly guess that a book by this title exists and that kids ages 10-15 can’t get enough of it



This award-winning series earned author K.A. Applegate a Nobel Prize in Literature for her work covering the Andalite-Yeerkan War


The Epistles Of Paul

What better entertainment for young adults than a riveting collection of letters ruminating on the relationship between sin and mercy?



This controversial vampire romance set the all-time literary record for most adjectives used to describe a single jawline


Finnegan’s Wake

A teenager has about as much chance as anyone of determining what the fuck this is about