MTA Urges Riders To Stop Taking Disabled Passengers

Illustration for article titled MTA Urges Riders To Stop Taking Disabled Passengers

NEW YORK—In a sternly worded reminder of baseline subway etiquette, the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority released a statement Wednesday instructing riders not to take disabled passengers for their personal use. “Transit personnel have seen a significant increase in train, bus, and ferry passengers taking handicapped passengers,” read the statement, which reminded MTA customers of the $200 fine incurred by riders abusing standard MTA passenger guidelines by picking up handicapped people and taking them back to their homes. “We realize that when stressed or rushed, you may absentmindedly grab a handicapped passenger—we’ve done it ourselves—but enough is enough. It’s extremely disrespectful, even dangerous, to take a disabled person from a train, bus, or park-and-ride lot. For their safety and yours, be aware of your surroundings. And please, understand that the handicapped are not yours to take.” The statement also clarified that fines apply to riders who take an elderly or pregnant passenger.