Must-Read Reflections On Black History Month

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February is Black History Month, and with it comes a variety of essays, meditations, and musings on the month’s meaning as well as Black history in America writ large. The Onion sifts through the many essays published by lesser news organizations to find the smartest and most worthwhile reflections on Black History Month.

“MLK. Malcolm X. Rosa Parks. I Promise, I’m Going Somewhere With This.” Terry Lyons, USA Today


“Why Acknowledging The Contributions Of Black Americans Is The Real Racism” Candace Owens, Newsweek

“Voices Of The Harlem Renaissance On Cryptocurrency” Amanda Winston,


“My Editors Have Kept The Part That Will Make Our White Readers Uncomfortable Behind the Paywall” Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic

“5% Off For Black History Month” Costco Weekly Ad

“This Uncomfortable Anecdote About My Interaction With A Black Neighbor Says More About Me Than I’m Prepared To Address In This Article” Mitchell Rawls, Washington Post


“Soaring Inequality Threatens To Wipe Out The Wealth Of Black Families. It’s A Sober Reminder Of How Overfishing Threatens To Wipe Out The Majestic Siberian Sturgeon” Leonard Osman, National Geographic

“Where Do I Fit In On All This?” Lena Dunham, The New York Times

“A Meditation On The So-Called ‘N-Word’ That My Editors Will Have To Apologize For In 3 Hours” Richard Nelkins, The Wall Street Journal


“It’s 2022. Do We Still Really Need Months?” Annalisa Frey, Slate