Must See: The ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Features The Gorgeous New Opening Film ‘Taxi Driver’

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Buckle up, Final Fantasy fans, because the hotly anticipated remake to the most beloved installment in this series has finally rolled out, and it’s everything we could have wanted! Square Enix’s latest release offers a completely remastered experience chock-full of innovative additions, but none are as dazzling as the game’s new opening film, Martin Scorcese’s 1976 masterpiece Taxi Driver.

What a gorgeous new addition to one of the greatest games of all time!

Here’s how it works: Before jumping into the story’s iconic Mako Reactor sequence as Cloud Strife, those who press play will be treated to a completely redesigned opening sequence that features all 114 minutes of Scorsese’s landmark contribution to the new golden age of cinema. It’s a clever move for Square-Enix that recontextualizes the Final Fantasy VII world by adding an unforgettable trip inside cab driver Travis Bickle’s unhinged psyche that will change the way you view the game’s cyberpunk storyline forever.


This new opening film rewards longtime fans with tons of content unseen in the 1997 Final Fantasy VII, from Jodie Foster’s portrayal of the adolescent prostitute Iris, to the violent brothel shootout beautifully captured on grainy 35 mm film stock. As players progress with Cloud Strife, Aerith, and nearly a dozen other playable characters in pursuit of the evil Sephiroth, the deeply symbolic narrative in Taxi Driver and its auteur vision of sleazy 1970s New York is sure to stick with you long after the credits roll and you begin your more familiar fight against the evil Shinra Corporation.

Wow, Square Enix really outdid themselves with this one!

Of course, some fans might question how new touches like this unskippable Paul Schrader-penned psychological drama could possibly improve what’s one of the greatest JRPGs out there. But just trust us, once you hear Robert De Niro’s memorably improvised “You talkin’ to me!?tirade, you’ll realize how these additions breathe new life into this series in wholly unexpected ways. So whether you’re a lifelong series devotee or a newcomer to Final Fantasy VII, the introduction of the 1976 Palme d’Or-winning film proves itself to be the first in many reasons why this remake is an absolute must-own.