Myth Vs. Fact: Preventing And Treating Colds

Illustration for article titled Myth Vs. Fact: Preventing And Treating Colds

A recent study found that the majority of parents rely on cold-prevention strategies that have little to no scientific support. The Onion debunks popular myths about preventing colds.


MYTH: Colds are caused by going out in the cold.

FACT: Colds are caused by sinning.

MYTH: Catching a cold is a sign of a weak immune system.

FACT: It’s also a sign of a weak will and weak character.

MYTH: You should drink honey with lemon.

FACT: Grandma just made that shit up.

MYTH: You shouldn’t go outside with wet hair.

FACT: There’s no evidence for that, so go out there with all your sopping-wet friends and have a good time.

MYTH: Coughing into your arm is the best way to avoid spreading germs.

FACT: The best way to contain germs is to unbuckle and cough into your pants.

MYTH: You should starve a fever.

FACT: Fevers are actually unrelated to food intake, so go nuts.

MYTH: If your partner gets a cold, you should just accept that you will too.

FACT: There’s no shame in quarantining a loved one until further notice.