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Myth Vs. Fact: Stop-And-Frisk Policy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Michael Bloomberg’s Democratic presidential candidacy has shown the spotlight on stop-and-frisk policing policies, which he supported while New York City mayor and which remain a subject of controversy. The Onion debunks well-known myths about stop-and-frisk.

MYTH: Black people and Latinos were unfairly targeted.

FACT: Police had no way of knowing if targeting minorities was fair or not until they frisked them.


MYTH: NYPD officers knowingly violated citizens’ constitutional rights.

FACT: Only a handful of cops have read the Constitution.

MYTH: Bloomberg invented stop-and-frisk.

FACT: He merely agreed with it, significantly ramped up its use for over a decade, and fought against its removal.


MYTH: Stop-and-frisk has served Greater New York for over 100 years with unbeatable deals on everything from fresh produce to tasty snacks.

FACT: That’s Stop & Shop.

MYTH: Stop-and-frisk makes New York citizens feel safer.

FACT: Stop-and-frisk makes Midwestern tourists feel safer.

MYTH: Officers were given quotas to fulfill.

FACT: How can you quantify an officer’s need to feel strong and powerful?

MYTH: The program ended in 2013.

FACT: They just don’t have a name for it now.

MYTH: It was a failed program that disproportionately affected people of color.

FACT: The program worked exactly as intended.