Myth Vs. Fact: The U.S. Meat Industry

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The U.S. meat industry produced nearly 100 billion pounds of meat in 2017, a new record, but many criticize the industry’s practices. The Onion breaks down the myths and facts about the U.S. meat industry.

MYTH: Eating lots of red meat can cause cancer.

FACT: Eating lots of red meat can cause almost any disease.

MYTH: Animal food production contributes significantly to climate change.

FACT: It was pretty cold last week.

MYTH: The human body needs meat to survive.

FACT: You’re thinking of ground rhino horn.

MYTH: Americans eat more meat than any other people in the world.

FACT: Fuck yeah!

MYTH: Fish farming is just as bad as other factory farming.

FACT: Nah, fish can’t scream.

MYTH: The meat industry is dangerous for workers.

FACT: Safety standards have improved considerably since the industry shifted away from the meat-mining model.


MYTH: Farmed animals are treated generally well until they’re slaughtered.

FACT: Boy, do we have some YouTube videos for you.