NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures Rare Sight Of 2 Galaxies Mating

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BALTIMORE—Calling the images “a stunning glimpse into how the vast star systems of the universe procreate,” NASA officials announced Tuesday that the Hubble Space Telescope had recently given scientists the rare opportunity to observe a pair of galaxies mating. “We almost never get to study the courtship ritual up close like this, but here you can clearly see one galaxy firmly grasping another and pulling it in close with its spiral arms,” said astronomer Grace Yoder, who gave a presentation at the Space Telescope Science Institute in which she displayed high-resolution images of two galaxies grinding their globular clusters hard against each other. “Note the growing size of the first partner’s galactic bulge as it begins to approach the second partner’s supermassive black hole. Their subsequent collision results from what may be the most powerful magnetic force in the universe, and it won’t let up until both galaxies have experienced complete gravitational collapse. Sadly, the Hubble is not equipment with the instruments required to measure just how hot it gets when this happens.” At press time, reports confirmed NASA scientists were horrified upon realizing the act of mating ended with one galaxy completely devouring the other.