NASA To Rename Building In Honor of ‘Hidden Figures’ Actress Octavia Spencer

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WASHINGTON—Saying the announcement represented the first step in making up for the erasure of a vital part of agency history, NASA unveiled plans Friday to rename their Washington D.C. headquarters in honor of Hidden Figures actress Octavia Spencer. “In recognition of the vital role she played in bringing the space program back to prominence, I’m proud to announce the creation of the Octavia Spencer Center For Aeronautics,” said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine in a press conference, acknowledging Spencer’s clear on-set sacrifices and dedication to bringing a “sterling depiction” to the silver screen of a black scientist who calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury and other missions in the 1960s. “It is a shameful aspect of our past that we ever ignored Miss Spencer’s powerhouse 2016 performance—instead choosing to focus on the important but widely acknowledged accomplishments of costars like Kevin Costner—and today I’m proud to make strides toward acknowledging her truly legendary contributions to cinematic history.” At press time, the agency went on to remedy another widely criticized misstep by unveiling the Kirsten Dunst Commemorative Launchpad.

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