Natalee Holloway, Osama Bin Laden Celebrate 5-Year Wedding Anniversary

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LAS VEGAS—Saying they couldn't believe it had been five years since their Niagara Falls honeymoon, Natalee Holloway and Osama bin Laden announced this week that they would be spending their anniversary relaxing in a suite at the Wynn Las Vegas casino hotel. "We're just as happy now as we were on our wedding day," read a Facebook post by the pair, who said the past five years have been "quite a ride" and thanked all the "wonderful people" they've met along the way. "It was love at first sight, and we haven't looked back since the moment we laid eyes on each other." The Holloway–bin Ladens are reportedly already gearing up for their next big trip, an RV tour of America's great ballparks, in the spring.