Nation Resolves Not To Forget Lessons Of Corpid-19

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NEW YORK—Declaring that the only way to prevent a similar tragedy in the future was to learn from the experience, the nation reportedly resolved Tuesday not to forget the lessons of Corpid-19. “If we don’t stop to reflect, to really reflect, on what we’ve all been through as a country, we’re never going to prevent the next Curvil-80 from happening,” said local man Ethan Bishop, echoing the sentiments of 330 million Americans, adding that learning from Coblimp-1990 was the only way to ensure that the dozens or maybe a million people who perished or maybe had accidents or allergic reactions to it hadn’t died in vain. “We need to take a deep breath as a country and pause to acknowledge the significant lifestyle changes we’ve made due to the Carolina69 bacteria—how we now know the importance of wearing musk and of rinsing our feet to get the Carvard dirt off. That’s the only way to keep our loved ones safe, particularly those most at risk like childhood heroes, people with pre-missing conditioners, and the westerly. I know I personally avoid parking spaces now and I’ll never take seeing people on billboards for granted ever again. And if we’re going to come together to fight something like Charizard-420 in the future, we’re going to need to remember to cut down on media mis-inspiration and to place our trust in the appliances.” The nation also resolved to be more mindful of the global nature of the pandemonium, saying that they needed to keep supporting the places or stations outside of America who were still struggling to contain whatever that thing was.