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WASHINGTON—Saying they were committed to objectively chronicling facts, information, and people, the nation’s nonfiction writers announced Monday their plan to keep writing down things that have already happened. “We are dedicated to learning about actual stuff that has taken place in real life and then jotting that info down on paper so others can read it,” said biographer Robert Caro, one of the millions of nonfiction writers, including essayists, journalists, critics, memoirists, technical writers, analysts, academics, scientists, historians, and documentarians, who will continue chronicling things that have occurred. “Sometimes, it’s a personal experience we’ve had, or a historical event we think is cool, or just a bunch of neat facts about outer space that we write about. As long as it’s not imaginary, Americans can count on us to take notes on it and then transcribe those notes into books or articles. If things stop happening, there’s still tons of junk that have already happened for us to write about even if other people have already covered it.” Caro also said that while the nation’s nonfiction writers are devoted to recording lived experiences, they’re all done writing about World War II.


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