Nation Solemnly Recalls Horrors Of 9/11 15th-Anniversary Coverage

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NEW YORK—Taking a moment Wednesday to reflect on the historic tragedy, millions of Americans across the country solemnly recalled the terror and devastation visited upon their country by the 9/11 15th-anniversary media coverage. “It was so traumatizing to turn on the television that day and witness the horrific kinds of things people will do to their fellow human beings just to get higher ratings,” Queens resident Kate Hanzel said of Sept. 11, 2016, when CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and other networks rebroadcast hours of footage from the 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. “As the full gravity of these programming decisions began to dawn on me, I slowly realized this was no accident, but a coordinated effort that had been very carefully and deliberately planned. News websites kept posting slideshow after slideshow on that dark day, trying to rack up as many pageviews as they could. It was truly unbearable to watch.” Hanzel went on to lament that fact that after three years, the network executives responsible for the TV coverage that day had still not been hunted down and brought to justice.