Nation Wonders How Ad Guys From Vitaminwater Do It

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NEW YORK—Mere weeks after Vitaminwater launched its wildly popular “Make Boring Brilliant” ad campaign, Americans everywhere are reportedly at a loss to explain the boundless creative talent of the marketing visionaries currently promoting the beverage. “Every ad they put out is just so funny—how do they keep coming up with this stuff?” 37-year-old New York resident Dan Swardzke said Thursday, echoing the responses of people across the nation who agreed there was definitely some “serious genius” going on in the advertisements. “I’d love to know more about how they come up with their material. You watch some of their stuff and you think, ‘Man, I wish I’d come up with that myself!’ They are truly the masters of modern comedy.” At press time, sources confirmed that Swardzke had just seen the most recent of the ads and elatedly shouted, “Oh my God, they did it again!”