National Cyber Security

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The Department of Homeland Security recently identified a serious Internet security flaw that could leave the web vulnerable to hackers. What do you think?

"If someone can take down the Internet, our nation stands in grave danger of being massively inconvenienced."

Lois Foster • Training Specialist

"The danger is evident. We must post tanks at the entrances to all cyber cafes immediately."

Roy Benjamin • Manager


"We're safe, unless the hacker community finds out about this."

Sean Hughes • Systems Analyst

"Hmm. Maybe outsourcing all those programming jobs to Afghanistan was a bad idea, after all."

Aaron Brookings • Family Practitioner


"The terrorists have already put an end to free music downloads. What's next?"

Lori Simmons • Dancer

"My God! What would we do if there was no Internet? Go back to watching television?"

Russ Ward • Deliveryman