National Parks Under Siege

Attendance at America's national parks has quadrupled in the past 30 years, spawning pollution and traffic problems. What do you think?

"Hey, I own the national parks as much as anyone, so I'm going to plow my RV into as many herds of deer as I like."

Oscar Sowell • Machinist


"They should hire some more of those giant owls that pick up garbage."

Jeff Palmer • Teacher

"Maybe if the parks had some decent four-lane highways running through them, there wouldn't be so much traffic."

Angela Koerner • Systems Analyst


"I don't buy this overcrowding bullshit for a minute: They just want us out of Yellowstone so they can grow more 'Old Faithful Primo Gold,' the special top-secret Senate marijuana."

Steve Tendero • Bartender

"Why visit some overcrowded national park when you can spend your summer vacation at the Our Lady Of Fatima Grotto & Fireworks Stand, located just five miles off I-90 in scenic Onida, SD?"

Lynette Bosch • Claims Adjuster

"The beauty of our national parks is awe-inspiring. Except for Jellystone. I drove through there once, and it was just the same tree, rock, and picnic bench going by in the background over and over."

Christopher Lee • Advertising Sales