Illustration for article titled National Weather Service Releases Composite Sketch Of Tornado It Believes Ravaged Midwest

SILVER SPRING, MD—Asking the public to exercise caution and notify authorities if they encounter the “extremely dangerous” natural disaster, the National Weather Service released a composite sketch Friday of a tornado that officials believe is responsible for devastating the Midwest. “While none of our eyewitnesses were able to get a good look at the tornado up close, our composite artist has nonetheless been able to combine their recollections into this visual approximation of the storm,” said agency spokesperson Margaret Black, who warned residents throughout the Midwestern states to be on the lookout for a large, gray, funnel-shaped cloud accompanied by rapidly whirling winds. “At the present time, we cannot confirm whether this tornado is connected to the leveling of a ranch house in Wayne, NE earlier today, but we certainly have not ruled it out. We strongly advise anyone who sees the tornado, which we believe to be approximately 4,000 feet tall, to avoid approaching it, as this storm is incredibly volatile and prone to violent outbursts.” At press time, authorities told reporters they had managed to corner a tornado but were unable to apprehend the suspect before it fled the scene.


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