Neurologists Confirm Nightmares Persist After Death

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CAMBRIDGE, MA—Shedding new light on what happens to humans after they die, a study published Wednesday in the Journal Of Neurology found that the nightmares will never cease, not even in death. “For decades, the consensus among scientists was that once life ended, the nightmares would end too, but new data confirms we were wrong,” said Harvard University neurologist and study co-author John Simmons, explaining that after death, residual electro-chemical impulses could still be detected in the human brain, but only in the portions of the amygdala and hippocampus responsible for the most painful, horrific, and humiliating dreams. “Our research indicates that long after death—as our bodies decompose and there is less and less of us physically—there remains behind a mental awareness that is actually quite powerful, though limited exclusively to hallucinatory visions of terror as we relive the most excruciating panic and torment our psyches endured in life. It appears, from a clinical perspective, that there is no escape.” Simmons added that the situation was somewhat different when a body was cremated, observing that in these cases the brain merely registered a sensation of continuous burning for all eternity.