HARTFORD, CT—Allowing engaged policyholders to begin their lives together with a supply of prepaid doctor’s appointments and inpatient services, health insurance company Aetna debuted a wedding registry option on its website this week that lets friends and family members purchase medical procedures picked out by the couple. “My friends Patrick [Harwood] and Natalie [Garcia] signed up for the Aetna registry and chose exactly which prenatal screenings and prescription medication copays they wanted, so I knew I’d be getting them something they could really use,” said Minneapolis resident Jane Chazen, who noted that selecting from among the 80 items on the registry was a great way to show her affection for her friends and help start them out right, rather than leaving the young couple to pay on their own for all the medical expenses they’ll need in the future. “Pat’s groomsmen all went in together on a knee arthroscopy for him because he’s got bad joints. By the time I visited the registry, someone had already gotten them the CT scan, but I picked out some blood tests, which is good because I know they’ll definitely need them. Plus, it’s nice to know they’ll be thinking of me when they use them.” When reached at press time, Chazen confirmed that no one had yet to touch the couple’s $2,120 annual deductible.


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