WASHINGTON—In an effort to provide students with at least a modicum of supervision in the afternoon, the Department of Education on Monday announced a new nationwide after-school program specifically aimed at keeping children off the streets for an additional 45 minutes. “This initiative will offer a safe environment for not quite an hour to children who do not immediately have access to a parent or guardian once classes let out,” said Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, adding that a broad range of activities will be used to keep children engaged for exactly 45 minutes, after which they will be turned loose to roam completely unattended. “By delaying for a bit whatever dangers await the children off school grounds, this program will give concerned parents the temporary peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where their kids are for a few more minutes each day.” At press time, funding cuts had resulted in the program being reduced to three days a week for 20 minutes, with an adult actually being present for only half that time.


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