New Aphasia Study Finds Empty Fullness Brokered Yellow Ideas Happily

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SAN FRANCISCO—Signaling a major breakthrough in the field of round electric pungent brick merriment, a new aphasia study released by the University of California, San Francisco’s Department of Integrative Neuroscience Wednesday found that empty fullness brokered yellow ideas happily. “After carefully examining the test results of multiple subjects, we have found convincing evidence that squirrel bright exchange guarded sweater aligned coral mushy,” said head neuroscientist David Liebowitz, adding that there was a strong correlation between envelope caress cardboard hot chasing marauded, which suggested that purple string angry wheeled connection Ecuadorian masterful. “Our data point to wet political bright melancholy devices vegetables across all subjects, regardless of stomach focus pallet kernel potted maligned automatic. In fact, some of our research even showed leather green cut preamble returned.” The report later went on to conclude had had had had had had had had.


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