New Arrivals Consult Wise Couple Who Have Been At Resort For 3 Days Already

CANCUN, MEXICO—Grateful for the veteran insight into the hotel accommodations and surrounding attractions, new arrivals to the Flamingo Hotel and Villas reportedly received indispensable advice Friday from a wise couple who had already been at the resort for three days. “They’ve got the complimentary breakfast until 9, but if you get there past 8, you’re probably not going to get a table,” said guest Brenda Stovall, who, along with her husband, Doug, drew on 72 hours of residency at the resort to impart crucial information regarding the pool’s alcoholic beverage policy and the location of the scuba gear rental. “But I’d skip the zip-lining excursion. It took us an hour and a half to get there, and the shuttle wasn’t even air-conditioned.” At press time, the Stovalls had checked out of the resort, leaving newcomers with no choice but to somehow fend for themselves.


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