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NEW YORK—In an effort to challenge conventional societal norms of unattractiveness, a new series of body-negative public service announcements released Wednesday promotes the idea that ugliness comes in all shapes and sizes. “Always remember that whether you’re thin, curvy, tall, short, or anything in between: You are ugly. And ugly is ugly is ugly,” the debut PSA from the “Face It: You’re Hideous” campaign read in part, stressing that one’s race, gender, or body type provided infinite ways to be flawed and therefore unlovable. “It doesn’t matter if you have acne, wide hips, or wrinkles, because that’s the least of your problems—your real unsightliness is inside. And as ugly as you feel, never believe you don’t look even worse. We’re here to tell you that you can, and you do.” The PSA also reminded readers that, if they felt anxious, depressed, or dejected because of their looks, no one blamed them.


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