SANTA MONICA, CA—Introducing an update aimed at heightening the realism of the game, Activision announced Wednesday that a new career mode for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 allows playable characters who retire from the military to continue the fight by joining Raytheon’s board of directors. “Players who rack up enough confirmed kills in combat will now be able to take their adventure to the next level as they join a $50 billion company with the mission of building lethal weapons systems and maximizing profits for shareholders,” said Activision spokesperson Adam Bera, acknowledging this version of career mode tested better with gamers than a beta version in which the player is a discharged soldier who returns to his hometown, discovers there are few jobs available, and struggles to make ends meet. “Points are earned in career mode by attending meetings, securing hundreds of millions of dollars in Defense Department contracts, and appearing on cable news programs to fend off bad public relations for the military-industrial complex. Our award-winning developers even worked closely with current and former Raytheon executives to make sure all the golfing side quests in the game are as true to life as possible.” Bera went on to reveal that if Call Of Duty players beat career mode with 100% of achievements, they will be able to unlock Erik Prince as a playable character.


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