Illustration for article titled New Carpet Cleaner Safe For Pets That Were Meant To Go On Living

RACINE, WI—Touting its powerful, partially non-toxic cleaning agents, household products manufacturer SC Johnson released a new carpet cleaner this week specially designed to be safe for pets that were meant to go on living. “StainStop’s patented formula will remove dirt from any carpet, and, best of all, it’s 100 percent safe for dogs, cats, and other pets that were destined to continue walking the earth,” SC Johnson representative Melissa Vaughn said, adding that the product also helped neutralize even the toughest odors without harming pets whose time to die had not yet arrived. “We want all our customers to know that if their furry friend is preordained to survive their housecleaning, then they have absolutely nothing to worry about. That’s our promise.” Vaughn went on to say that StainStop was equally safe for small children.


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