Illustration for article titled New Contraception Law Would Require Teenagers To Consult With 3 Different Peers Before Selecting Birth Control Method

COLUMBUS, OH—In an effort to help them make informed decisions about their reproductive health, a state law passed Monday will require teenagers to consult with at least three different peers before selecting a method of birth control. “Prior to their making any choice regarding contraceptives, we want to ensure that teens have thoroughly discussed their options with several individuals in their high school, such as a classmate with an older sibling or that one girl in their grade whose mom let her go on the pill freshman year,” said state lawmaker Robert F. Hagan, stating that it is crucial for sexually active youth to seek out multiple opinions from others, including any fellow students who claim to know someone with an IUD. “Teenagers should have access to every tool necessary to practice safe sex, whether it’s an in-person consultation with a friend during study hall about what type of condoms to buy, or a text sent to an acquaintance after school asking if they can skip a pill or two and still be safe from pregnancy.” Hagan went on to note that the new legislation would allow minors in certain emergencies to simply consult their older brother’s college girlfriend to see how many regular birth control pills they would have to take to equal Plan B.


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