New Crest Sweepstakes Offers Chance To Win 10 Million Teeth

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GREENSBORO, NC—Urging consumers to enter now for their chance to take home the dental jackpot of a lifetime, toothpaste giant Crest announced a new sweepstakes Friday in which entrants have a chance to win up to 10 million teeth. “Shoppers have a one-in-ten chance of winning small prizes such as a full set of baby teeth, but only one lucky Crest Pro-Health sweepstakes player will walk away with the full 10 million in incisors, bicuspids, canines, and molars,” a press release from Crest read in part, noting that all prizes under 600 teeth can be redeemed instantly in any of the fine stores where Crest is sold. “The Grand Prize winner may either claim their teeth in one lump sum or receive 250,000 teeth per year for the rest of their life. The second prize is 5 million wisdom teeth, and third prize is 800,000 ceramic veneers. How would having 10 million teeth change your life? You can’t win unless you play!” Crest has thus far declined comment regarding allegations that previous winners regret their windfall, with many currently possessing even fewer teeth than before they won.