WHITESTONE, NY—Calculating how the video game’s expansion packs would impact her finances, local woman Jennifer Schneider confirmed Friday that she had factored the cost of the new downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate into her regular monthly living expenses. “If I pack a lunch every day instead of going out to eat, I should be able to swing the season pass,” said Schneider, who carefully tallied up the cost of the video game’s add-ons, such as the Jack the Ripper campaign and the 500 Helix Credits Pack, alongside her rent, groceries, utilities, and other basic needs. “I know I should just wait and save up for it, but if I’m already shelling out $60 for the game, I might as well spend the extra 30 bucks and make the most of this investment. I could really use the weapons in the Steampunk Pack. Plus, all season pass members receive a permanent XP boost. Maybe I can put off upgrading my phone plan for a few more weeks so I won’t take such a hit.” At press time, sources confirmed that Schneider was referring to pre-ordering the upcoming Halo release as an “emergency expense.”