New Environmental Initiative Calls For Planting 20 Million New Earths

Illustration for article titled New Environmental Initiative Calls For Planting 20 Million New Earths

NEW YORK—Declaring that bold effort was the only way to stave off the devastating planetary effects of climate change, a new environmental initiative Tuesday reportedly called for planting 20 million new Earths. “Together we can save humanity from climate change, and even a dollar can help us grow millions of the new habitable planets we need in just 4 billion years,” said Scott Langston, one of the co-founders of Project Plant-An-Earth, showing off a rendering the nonprofit had made of a completely transformed galaxy landscape including millions of eco-friendly new astronomical bodies that could support human life. “Right now we’re in the midst of a terrifying biodiversity crisis. Planting these new Earths will help mitigate much of that damage, and will increase the diverse wilderness available to flora and fauna by 20 million percent. We can all commit today to being part of the solution to rising carbon dioxide levels by creating pristine new planets. Several Silicon Valley leaders have made generous financial contributions to planting new Earths, of course, but sustainability starts at home—even planting an Earth in your yard or on your rooftop will help ensure that there are enough new planets to help support human life.” The Project Plant-An-Earth founders added that they were also demanding sustainability by calling on any viable new planets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 5.2 billion years from now.