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DALLAS—In an effort to demonstrate that many decent and wholesome things transpired in the city on November 22, 1963, despite the occurrence of certain undeniably tragic events, the Dallas Visitor’s Center has unveiled a new exhibit Friday highlighting all the things that went right on the day of President John F. Kennedy’s historic visit. “There has always been an air of negativity surrounding President Kennedy’s Dallas trip, but the overwhelming feeling among Texans seems to be that one little hiccup shouldn’t overshadow all the good things that happened that day,” said museum docent Thomas Worth, who along with his staff centered the Otherwise Nice Day In Dallas exhibit around photos of a smiling President Kennedy disembarking from Air Force One; the original permits for the motorcade, properly filled out in excellent penmanship; and several examples of handcrafted signs and banners carried by the president’s supporters along his route across Dealey Plaza. “Of course, Zapruder’s grainy hand-held 8mm film gets all the attention, but we have lots of archival footage of that day which clearly shows a smiling crowd having a great time watching the progress of Kennedy’s limousine. People forget what a beautiful Texas fall day the 22nd of November was in 1963, so historians have concluded that the ride itself was likely very pleasant. Despite what we freely admit are some black marks on the calendar, we mustn’t forget how the president had written a very fine speech that he wished to deliver that day, right here at the Dallas Trade Mart.” Visitors to the Otherwise Nice Day In Dallas exhibit have praised the central display, an interactive diorama of the Dallas highway system demonstrating how the president’s car was able to get to Parkland Memorial Hospital in such a short period of time.


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