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SPRINGFIELD, IL—In a move designed to keep citizens aware of any potentially dangerous individuals sharing their address, the Illinois General Assembly passed a new law Wednesday requiring sex offenders to inform residents that they will be moving in with them. “Going forward, all registered sex offenders will be compelled by statute to notify homeowners of their intent to reside in their premises,” said Rep. Jehan A. Gordon (D-IL), the bill’s co-sponsor, explaining that once they had established a comfortable place on the couch, persons included on the state sex-offender registry had 72 hours to go hallway-door-to-hallway-door in order to declare their presence. “It’s essential that occupants have all the information necessary to take precautions that will keep their kids safe and secure should they ever notice the sex offender leaning on their bathroom doorframe.” Gordon also announced his intent to introduce legislation requiring sex offenders to reside at least 10 feet away from school-aged children.


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