A posthumously published book in J.R.R. Tolkienā€™s fantasy series titled The Fall of Gondolin will be published this year. Depicting the elven city of Gondolinā€”and its sacking by the dark lord Morgothā€”the book was assembled by the authorā€™s son from notes and journals in his archives. What do you think?

ā€œItā€™s so cool of Tolkienā€™s son to keep his fatherā€™s profits alive.ā€

Tyler Winston ā€¢ Porcelain Doll Duster

ā€œPretty impressive that Tolkien can keep cranking these out at 126.ā€

Nicole Kapernick ā€¢ Systems Analyst


ā€œFinally, something for the Morgoth fans!ā€

Douglas Bryans ā€¢ Landfill Night Watchman