New Mental Health Initiative To Add 10,000 Beds To Nation’s Prisons

Illustration for article titled New Mental Health Initiative To Add 10,000 Beds To Nation’s Prisons

WASHINGTON—In response to calls for the U.S. government to do more to address Americans suffering from psychological issues, a new mental health initiative unveiled Wednesday would reportedly add 10,000 beds to the nation’s prisons. “It’s vital that Americans suffering from mental health issues have the resources they need, which is why we’re furnishing thousands of new cells across the nation’s penitentiaries,” said Federal Bureau of Prisons deputy director Gene Beasley, adding that the new multimillion-dollar project would provide thousands of mentally ill Americans with a free arrest and transportation to the nearest jail. “We have to dedicate resources where they’re needed most, and there’s no more efficient way to address the growing number of people with psychological disorders and no safety net than to give them a nice, warm bed in a medium-security federal prison. Once a patient has been accepted into one of our incarceration facilities, they’ll have full access to a number of strong sedatives and behavioral punishments to help address whatever ails them.” The initiative is reportedly part of a larger health initiative that also serves Americans with cognitive impairments by giving them home visits with a police officer who will shoot them in their yard.