New National Park Caters To Business Travelers

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PAICINES, CA—Hoping to encourage more busy professionals to visit America’s scenic natural areas, the Department of Interior announced this week the opening of Pinnacles National Park Express, the first federally designated preserve geared specifically toward business travelers. “It’s nice to finally have a simple, clean expanse of unspoiled nature where I can just pop in, enjoy looking at a couple of endangered condors, grab a quick breakfast and the day’s paper by a windswept escarpment, and then be on my way,” said Julia Miles, a Seattle-based businesswoman and a member of the National Park Service’s Majesty Points reward program, which offers frequent guests perks that include exclusive access to panoramic vistas and complimentary Wi-Fi anywhere within the park’s mountainous shrubland ecosystem. “When I’m traveling for work and visiting a national park, I want to be able to put together my presentation by a cascading waterfall, or use the business center in Bear Gulch Cave to sit in on a conference call. The cardio room overlooking the breathtaking rock formations is a nice touch, too.” According to officials, the Interior Department hopes to further cater to business travelers next year by opening Denali National Park and Convention Center, a pristine subarctic protected area featuring more than 4.7 million acres of conference space.