New NFL Combine Drill Places Player Alone In Room With Woman

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INDIANAPOLIS— Explaining that the new exercise will help teams more accurately and comprehensively assess draft prospects, NFL representatives confirmed Tuesday that the newest scouting combine drill simply places college players in a small room alone with a woman. “Beginning this year, we’ve begun testing players’ abilities by sitting them down at a table across from a woman between the ages of 20 and 30 years old,” said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, adding that coaches and scouts carefully evaluate performances during the three-minute timed drill while seated behind a one-way mirror in the examination room. “So far, there haven’t been any real standouts, and we’ve actually had a number of guys who we’ve had to pull from the exercise after just 10 or 15 seconds. This is easily one of the most challenging tests of the week for these young athletes.” Reached for comment, several players privately told reporters that they have not spent any time preparing for the drill, as it is expected to have a very minimal effect on their draft stock.