Illustration for article titled New Poll Finds Millennials Far More Likely To Politically Identify As Feudalists Than Previous Generations

WASHINGTON—Revealing a profound transformation of American socioeconomic attitudes, a new Gallup poll published Tuesday found that millennials were far more likely to politically identify as feudalists than previous generations. “Our survey showed that Americans born between 1981 and 1996, more so than any other age demographic, strongly support the holding of a lord’s lands in exchange for military service and labor,” said lead researcher Stewart Mayberry, explaining that the political disruption that resulted from the 2016 election cycle prompted millions of millennials to reconsider ideas about vassals pledging an oath of fealty to landed nobility that has been considered odious to much of the American public since the 17th century. “While baby boomers negatively associate ‘feudalism’ with William the Conqueror and the forfeiture of wages in order to remain in the fiefdom, those in the younger generation see it as an opportunity to make their voices heard by providing counsel to their lord. A large percentage of millennials will even go so far as to reject the Tenures Abolition Act of 1660 entirely.” Mayberry also noted that the trend extended to Gen Z, which has advocated for doing away with political systems entirely and returning to a state of nature.

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