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PHILADELPHIA—Noting its ability to enclose, protect, and transport a wide variety of objects, a University of Pennsylvania study published Monday confirmed that the box remains the world’s most popular container. “We found that when something needs to be stored or moved—be it tools, jewelry, pizza, even ballots—people tend to put their trust in a box more often than, say, a bucket or satchel,” said the study’s lead author, Susan Kemmis, who highlighted the rectangular containers’ stackability and closable top as the key assets that set them apart from bags. “Whether the item or items to be stowed away are large, small, heavy, or light, there tends to be a box of appropriate dimensions and rigidity to adequately contain them. The same can’t be said of baskets, jugs, or barrels.” While later admitting that crates are the go-to container for shipping purposes, Kemmis emphasized that a crate could, in fact, be considered a type of box.


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