New Toyota ‘Driver Easy Speak’ Feature Helps Parents Yell At Children In Back Of Car

Toyota has announced that its new class of Sienna minivans will feature technology called “Driver Easy Speak,” which uses a microphone that amplifies the driver’s voice into speakers in the back seats of the car, so parents don’t have to shout at passengers. What do you think?

“It’s easier to just let them know I can swerve into oncoming traffic whenever I feel like it.”

Rebecca Jacobson • Perfume Tester


“This feature is also helpful if you like to be the loudest one in the car singing along to ‘Immigrant Song.’”

Calvin Rasmussen • Unemployed

“If you think I’m letting my kids set foot inside my sweet new Toyota Sienna, you’re out of your mind.”

Bill Kyzer • Chart Analyst

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