New ‘Westworld’ Trailer Teases Long-Awaited Arrival Of Dramatic Stakes

Illustration for article titled New ‘Westworld’ Trailer Teases Long-Awaited Arrival Of Dramatic Stakes

LOS ANGELES—Seemingly confirming numerous fan theories about the ultimate direction of the popular show, a new trailer for HBO’s flagship drama series Westworld released Thursday teased the arrival of long-awaited dramatic stakes. “Producers have been laying the groundwork for high-intensity drama since practically the first episode, and it’s thrilling that they’re finally paying that off by debuting a meaningful conflict that audiences can invest in,” said viewer Rich Nichols, expressing his hope that the upcoming episodes would continue delivering shocking, unexpected twists by playing with the audience expectations of caring about characters’ stated goals. “They’ve dropped hints throughout the previous two seasons that dramatic stakes exist within the universe of this show, but until now, there have only been a few small glimpses, so it’s going to be pretty awesome to finally see a character with a strong need who faces obstacles in an effort to achieve their objective.” Nichols went on to speculate that this creative decision opened the door for later seasons to eventually showcase character development, story arcs, and a coherent narrative.