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New York Introduces Shoe-Sharing Program For City’s Pedestrians

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NEW YORK—Providing a convenient way to navigate the metropolis for residents and tourists alike, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday the launch of SideWalk, a new shoe-sharing program that provides short-term footwear rentals for the city’s pedestrians. “Thanks to this innovative program, New Yorkers will have immediate access to the footwear they need to explore all that our city has to offer,” de Blasio said, noting that SideWalk users can quickly and easily check out a pair of cross trainers, running shoes, or high tops from one of the city’s nearly 400 rental kiosks located on all five boroughs. “While purchasing and maintaining one’s own shoes can be costly, SideWalk allows users to check out what they need for as little or as much time as they want, at very affordable hourly rates. Just grab a pair of sneakers, use them to walk or run around the city, and drop them off when you’re done. It couldn’t be easier.” While noting that it was not required, de Blasio added that it is recommended that SideWalk users provide their own socks.


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