‘New York Times’ Amends Recent ‘Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter’ Headline

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NEW YORK—Following backlash from journalists, politicians, and the public, The New York Times announced Tuesday that it had amended a headline from the morning’s front page reading “Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter.” “The original headline did not live up to our standards of objectivity at The New York Times and has thus been changed to ‘Trump Gives Speech’ in order to more accurately represent the president’s recent actions,” said executive editor Dean Baquet in response to criticism that the piece inaccurately framed the president as a champion of racial harmony and lionhearted hero who acted alone to stop a white national terrorist plot. “We were wrong to imply that President Trump courageously rushed into an active-shooter situation inside a Washington, D.C. gas station, held the gunman in a chokehold until he dropped his weapon, and then provided first-aid to casualties, thus single-handedly preventing more bloodshed. We deeply regret intimating that the shooter realized the error of his ways and denounced his bigoted beliefs after a tough-love conversation with Mr. Trump. Readers will see that these statements have been retracted from the second edition.” At press time, the new headline, “Trump Gives Speech” had been changed to “Unifier-In-Chief Provides Hope To Fractured Nation.”