Illustration for article titled ‘New York Times’ Offers To Disclose Whistleblower Identity To Readers Who Subscribe In Next 24 Hours

NEW YORK—Promising customers unlimited access and the most up-to-date information on anonymous sources, The New York Times announced Friday an offer to disclose the whistleblower’s identity to readers who subscribe within the next 24 hours. “We’ll give you the whistleblower’s name, home address, occupation, and voting record,” the promotion read in part, adding that for every five referrals of people who also subscribe, readers would receive several high-resolution photographs of the whistleblower. “The New York Times is proud to be your source for obtaining intimate details of unnamed informants, including their family members, friends, blood type, driver’s license, and social security number, currently unavailable from any other publication. Act fast and take advantage of this deal to get as many anonymous sources as you want.” The offer also gave readers the option of choosing between a hard copy or a digital download of the whistleblower’s medical records.


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