‘New York Times’ Rehires Judith Miller To Cover Escalating Iran Tensions

Illustration for article titled ‘New York Times’ Rehires Judith Miller To Cover Escalating Iran Tensions

NEW YORK—In a press release heralding the latest addition to its masthead, The New York Times announced Thursday it had rehired Judith Miller to cover the Trump administration’s escalating tensions with Iran. “The experience Ms. Miller brings to bear is unmatched, and we’re confident and excited to welcome her back to the team,” read a statement from the news organization, which explained how the veteran journalist’s past reporting on the Middle East made her a natural fit at a time when U.S. officials have claimed, without providing evidence, that a key player in the region has become an imminent threat. “Judith has cultivated numerous sources within the national security community and has a proven track record of breaking major stories. We can think of no one better positioned to generate exclusive scoops and drive the paper’s front-page coverage at a time when the White House—despite extreme opposition from American allies—looks for a pretext to launch a military campaign against a Middle Eastern country. We really think her past work speaks for itself.” Reached for comment, both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton said they looked forward to citing Miller’s reports.