‘New Yorker’ Cartoon Editor Defends Publishing Comic By Tom Cotton

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NEW YORK—Responding to reader outcry by explaining that the magazine was committed to publishing work by people from all political perspectives, New Yorker cartoon editor Emma Allen defended publishing a comic Tuesday by Tom Cotton. “While we might not agree with every word of our cartoonists’ captions and every stroke of their pens, we are committed to placing their views in the corners of our magazine pages,” said Allen, adding that Cotton’s latest commissioned piece may be more political than his normal cartoons featuring his classic character, the Ozark Cave Fish, but it did touch on an important national issue in a different manner than the The New Yorker’s other cartoons. “We hear our readers’ criticisms, but we stand by Senator Cotton’s cartoon. We’re committed to publishing quips and jests from all sides of the political spectrum. Over the years, we’ve published controversial cartoons from dozens of senators, as well as five secretaries of defense, and Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter. This crudely rendered cartoon may offend some people, but we’re not in the business of silencing voices.” The New Yorker “Goings On About Town” editor similarly defended the magazine’s recommendation of several local Identity Evropa and Patriot Front rallies.