Last week, News Corp.—the parent company of Fox News, 20th Century Fox, the Fox Broadcasting Company, the New York Post, and other media properties—reported a fourth-quarter loss of $203 million. Here are some of the factors that led to this financial decline:


It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a trained staff to white-out the O's in all the FX-related mail

New York Post headline writer really dragged Murdoch over the coals during last round of contract negotiations

Wall Street Journal printed on uncut sheets of $20 bills for last three months

St. Louis Fox affiliate not buying break room snacks in bulk

Rupert Murdoch is still obsessed with inventing an upside-down helicopter

Last episode of So You Think You Can Dance filmed in space

Night At The Museum insurance apparently did not cover destroying Smithsonian artifacts


Not as many people felt like listening to their shit