NFL Floats Idea Of 18-Game Week

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NEW YORK—Saying that the proposal has already received support from each of the league’s 32 owners, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters Friday that the league is currently exploring the possibility of teams playing an 18-game week. “As an organization we are committed to growing our sport, and fans are clamoring to see 288 high-quality football games every week,” said Goodell, noting that the league’s research has confirmed the current market could easily bear up to 900 minutes of football on Fridays alone. “Our mission is to always increase fan excitement and interest in the NFL, and nothing could do that like 41 games every day from September through December. We’ve already begun preliminary discussions with CBS and FOX over broadcasting rights for the additional 2,000 afternoon games, while ESPN has expressed interest in televising several of the 3 a.m. nightcap games alongside the NFL Network. Of course, we’re also committed to exploring the possibility of bringing 70 or 80 matchups to London each month. It’s really a win-win for everyone.” Goodell added that he has assured the NFL Players Association that any new deal would provide teams with seven or eight bye days.