NFL Loses Rights To ‘Super Bowl’

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NEW YORK—After failing to agree to terms for a new licensing agreement before the February 3 deadline, the NFL lost the rights to the term “Super Bowl” on Friday, sources confirmed. “As of today, the National Football League will no longer have a claim to merchandising, marketing, or any other use of the ‘Super Bowl’ brand,” said industry expert Jason Galecki of the American Marketing Association, noting that in light of its decision to relinquish the name, the league has been forced to modify the stadium logos, game jerseys, and even commemorative T-shirts for the upcoming championship to reflect the new title, “Big Game 51.” “By letting its ownership of ‘Super Bowl’ expire, the NFL has also lost all associated terms, including ‘Lombardi Trophy,’ which will now be known as the ‘Tagliabue Cup.’ Should the league ever choose to mention the name ‘Super Bowl’ in the future, it may be subject to litigation for trademark infringement.” At press time, sources confirmed that the rights to the name “Super Bowl” had been quickly purchased by PepsiCo for $25 billion.